John Baldessari

In 1970 John Baldessari burnt everything he ever made. He still has the ashes.

John Baldessari’s wifi password is 123456789B.

In 100 years John Baldessari suspects he will be remembered as the guy that put dots over peoples’ faces.

John Baldessari is being called the master of conceptual art.

This is short film about John Baldessari narrated by Tom Waits. Continue reading


The Hanging Man

A naked man is hung up by the armpits at the far end of a room. He makes a sad impression, not just because of his dangling indisposition, but because of his diminutive proportions. Every visible detail of the skinny body is presented, but child-size. The suspended man, with his drooping head and transcendent air of concentration, recalls the sacred archetype of Christ on the cross. It’s as if, like Christ, he is hung up for maximum humiliation in a punishment that might be rehearsed in holy rituals for an obscure redemptive purpose.

Sam Jinks
The Hanging Man 2007
silicon, paint & human hair

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